After Looking At Alternative Businesses

Our Journey Began In 2018

My wife and I were first introduced to CBD by a friend, which started our CBD experience. We first had a lot of reservations and had no interest in starting a cannabis business. Then, after doing some research and learning about how CBD affected a family member, we became addicted. Since the debut of our first retail location, we haven’t looked back. With five retail locations operational and our first e-commerce website, we are eager to see what happens next.

CBD Is A Perfect Fit For Our Lives

Fulfilling Is A Understatement

We have experienced the power of CBD directly every day since we began our cannabis adventure. It would be an understatement to say that our business is gratifying; we enjoy speaking with our customers, learning about their experiences, and assisting them in selecting the best product for their requirements. Customer service, whether in-person or online, is prioritized for us since it is a way of life.